Designer Profile: Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri is a blend of elegance and the energy of vitality deep within its entrepreneurial passion. Always aspiring excellence in every stitch, the business vision that drives Pal Zileri is founded upon ethic, passion and skill; and it is in this balance that holds the key to their success.

Since 1970 Pal Zileri has dominated the classic fashion sector for fine Italian men’s suiting. The architecture of every suit is comprised of high quality fabrics, extreme attention to detail and handcrafted by generations of tailors. Pal Zileri discovered its heart beat on the streets of Quinto Vicentino, Italy and is a well known label in over 70 countries.

So, why do we carry the brand over other suit labels?

Pal Zileri operates by these core values:

  1. Essence
  2. Value
  3. Personality
  4. Commitment

The essence of the brand is to create an elegant style for men where they feel uncompromisingly classic, yet up to date. Pal Zileri believes in using high quality materials, refined craftsmanship and excellent service second to none. The personality that goes into the DNA of every suit is reliable, sought-after, linked to tradition yet selectively open to modern ideas. It promises an elegant, refined manner of dress, suitable for any occasion and delivers on that promise through creativity and research, remaining authentically an Italian label.

Pal Zileri suits are handmade at just 8 per day, delivering an extremely refined 2,000 suits per year from this sought-after Italian suit designer. Every suit goes through 165 manual operations and 15 stages in the course of being made up.

Using only the finest fabrics such as fine cashmeres, guanaco hair (the rarest and most expensive fiber from South America), mohair, angora, pure Super 150’s wool, silks and linens, Pal Zileri suits are unmatched for quality and shape.

The natural fabric underlayment creates the framework for the suit and ensures a sharp look and long lasting wearability. The shoulders are bolstered with pure cotton for a soft natural feel, and under-collar of pure cotton felt. The suit lining is bemberg with hand sewn sleeve lining at the armholes with an underarm lining.

Pockets are made of pure cotton hand stitched for reinforcement. Every suit has three inside pockets: two slit pocketsand an outside breast front pocket with a button hidden by a triangular flap. The right outside pocket has a smaller coin pocket. Buttons are 32 mm and either in shell or bone depending on the suit fabric. Sleeve cuff buttonholes can be opened upon request.

We all gain or lose a few inches throughout the year so Pal Zileri suits are designed with extra fabric within the seams that can be let in or out (4cm for the jacket, 5cm for the trousers and waistline, and 2cm a the crotch).

Using a classic tailoring system – jackets are not fused but rather the handcrafted internal canvas and internal stitching provides the fluidity and style to meet clients’ needs at the highest end of the quality spectrum.

All suits are inspected individually to guarantee quality and long lasting performance.