Business Travel Style Guide

If you’re a jetsetter then you know how difficult it is to get through airport security these days, even if you are in business class. It’s important to pack efficiently so you don’t get stuck in-transit between flights. Unfortunately most guys use airport hassle as an excuse for not packing appropriately for the trip. Here’s a list of wardrobe must-haves that you don’t want to get stuck in baggage claim on your next business trip. The trick is compatibility and integration.

  1. The Shirt. The key with shirts is to pack something that will suit you both dressed up or casual. Many business trips result in moving straight from the meeting to dinner and drinks. Make sure your shirt is able to transition with you from a formal setting to potentially a very casual meal. Solid shirts always work great when you’re down to business but don’t leave much to the imagination when the tie and jacket are removed. Soft striped shirts can keep you looking sharp on both formal and casual territories. You can also go with a thin checkered pattern that will liven up a boardroom and keep you looking great at cocktails later that night.
  2. The Suit. My favorite choice for a suit is a 2-button navy suit because it works great with any type of shirt / tie combination. A solid staple to any traveling wardrobe. You can also save space in your bag by dry cleaning the pants and wearing them as a trouser or with a blazer for a new look without the extra hassle. Checkout our Pal Zileri section for staple suits that will end up being your go-to look whether you’re traveling abroad or at home.
  3. The Blazer. In my opinion the blazer is the most important addition to your wardrobe when traveling because it can be paired with most anything in your suitcase. The key to picking the right blazer is compatibility, so choose a color or pattern that works well with all the trousers and shirts you’re bringing with you. Depending on the color of the suit, a solid navy blazer with a light chalk pin stripe can go a long way. Sharpen it up with a brightly colored pocket square for a night out on the town with business partners or keep it low key for fine dining situations (more about pocket squares in a minute).
  4. The Tie. You an get away with a lot when it comes to shirt and tie combinations today because people expect you to be interesting in your selection beyond red or blue tie. Try including a swiss dot pattern if you’re wearing checkered shirts. Paisley or damask patterns work great with solid and striped shirts, depending on the color combination. If your audience is a bit fun loving try and go with a funky bow-tie that will keep people on their toes and will add some pizazz to an otherwise monotonous business trip.
  5. Pocket Squares. Always have at least two pocket squares in your bag, handy for any situation. A solid white or checkered pocket square look great with a navy blazer and can be a signature look for some. Also, think about colors you don’t normally wear that could spice up a blazer. If most of your wardrobe is blue, spring for a green or yellow patterned square. Combined with a conservative suit or blazer, a brightly colored square tells people you mean business but also know how to cut loose.
  6. Versatile Trousers. You would be surprised how many people pack a pair of slacks that have no chance of making it past the hotel room because they can’t combine with anything but your shirt and black lace up dress shoes. After your blazer, a nice pair of trousers can boost your wardrobe nicely. I always enjoy herringbone flat front pants in an earth tone. I can pair them easily with anything